Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not My Usual...

...but this year it will have to do.

This is the front porch. Colored lights and chili pepper lights.

Usually I also do white lights along the WHOLE front of the property, plugged in at two separate locations, each side going from the corner of the property to where the gates meet. When you open the gates, the lights open!

BUT - usually I have my lights up the weekend after Thanksgiving. That was when Mary's accident happened and even before that I was just too busy... things have not slowed down any so Christmas is getting the short end of the stick this year. We haev already down-sized a lot from what I used to do when the girls were small but lights are always my big thing no matter what...

At least I got them on the porch finally. Oh yeah, in the wind and rain and dark last night!!!

1 comment:

kdwhorses said...

Looks great to me!

I hear ya about been busy! I'm behind on checking in with everyone! Been at the school every day this week helping with Santa Shop. Where is the time going???