Monday, December 8, 2008

No Rest For The Weary

I know, stop whining! Sorry but I am a bit tired. Lots going on and no end in sight and my head is spinning. I really need to be three people AT LEAST! I am behind on my blogs (the ones I read) so my blogger friends probably think I am a jerk since I haven't commented. Until tonight I was behind on my own blog! I mailed my donkey forum gift exchange out eight days late. I am STILL not finished with my dog pen... although the grass is growing like crazy :) Tomorrow is another mini visit, hope I remember the camera. And I am supposed to be getting things ready for the light parade Friday night but I am blogging instead... I didn't even get started on my Christmas lights yet. I may not even put them up this year and that has NEVER happened before! You don't even want to KNOW what my house looks like.

Well... I'm not bored ;)


kdwhorses said...

Girl, I hear ya! Busy, busy here as well! And internet troubles to boot!

Hope it slows down!

Debby said...

Cut yourself a break. Blogs will be here when you get a minute. Tis the season, woman.