Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

And now we know what Sherman asked for when he sat on Santa's lap... I guess he was tired of this:

Because now he has this:

Although apparently he hasn't quite got the hang of it, guess he is used to a too-small bed!

And Rocket gets blue...

And Darci of course gets pink!

The beds were big enough I didn't get one for each, Radar and Vada will have to figure out who they want to share with...
Aaahhhhh... he figured it out!

For you late Santas... WALGREENS! On sale for TEN BUCKS! (Regular price $30!) WOO HOO!

1 comment:

kdwhorses said...

Wow look at those new beds! And at a great price to boot!

Love the church pics! Too much cuteness I tell ya!