Friday, December 12, 2008

Carefree Christmas Parade

We were part of the first ever lighted Christmas parade in Cave Creek/Carefree. Except for one draft horse pulling a wagon, we were the only horses (and donkeys) in the parade. There were 23 total minis and ponys and donkeys!
Betty Jean and Madeline, bows and tinsel and bells...

Ozzie and Mary Ellen with Tammy's pony Ginger, all dressed up and waiting to go

Foxy was gorgeous as usual... led by Leisa, ridden by her daughter Ceara.

My mini friend Beth's daughter Anna, with dog Noelle, driving Dream.

Rose's grandtwins Katelyn and Briana - wow look at the ponies their grandma got them! And she didn't bring me one :(

Sabrina with Holly, and Fawn with Sunshine and granddaughter Kenzie aboard

Just a few pictures - so next year you have to come watch in person :)

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