Monday, December 15, 2008


By way of history, about two and a half years ago in April, some friends took me on a river trip over a long weekend. Randy was our driver, seeing us off then towing their truck to the other end where he was to leave it and go home, so we had a way home when we were done. However during the towing, friend's truck (being towed) blew a tire and tried to flip, almost flipping Randy's truck as well but luckily coming off the tow bar before that happened. Randy then left the friend's truck and drove all the way home to get our flatbed car-hauler trailer, and another friend to help, and headed back up to deal with the friend's truck which had rolled... by this time he was running on empty and although he has hooked up the trailer a billion times he must have forgotten to latch it... They had it on the truck in Wickenburg and Randy tried to catch a nap with the friend driving, they stopped in Wikieup and NO TRAILER!

Went back to look for it, no luck, ended up just driving to where the rolled truck was and somehow getting it up and home again. Then Randy had to drive all the way BACK up to our getting out place to pick us up...made a report with the Mohave County Sheriff in Kingman and they have diligently followed up with us by paperwork each year to make sure the property was not recovered but basically that was it and we were out a trailer.

This was when we found out insurance only covers a trailer ATTACHED to your insured vehicle and we got separate insurance on our remaining trailers... we counted ourselves lucky that the unattached trailer had merely disappeared and not killed or injured someone, and although it still frustrated us, hey, what could we do?

Yes there is a point to this lol, but you needed background.

This morning Randy headed to Vegas, his company is opening a new store there and as merchandising manager he is responsible for set-up... so off he went not planning to be home until next weekend.

Mid-morning I get a call from him... I say hello, he says I found my trailer.

I say WHAT and he says again I FOUND MY TRAILER!!!

Seems it was parked in someone's yard, right off the highway, in Wikieup... so he drove to Kingman, talked to the Sheriff's office, they said to go back to Wikieup and meet an officer there, and sent him off with copies of the report and file. So he met with the sheriff and the serial number matches and even though no one was home the sheriff told him to take our trailer He is so unbelievably happy... the license plate was removed and the wiring all torn up but HE GOT HIS TRAILER BACK - almost 3 years later!

Un! Be! Lievable!


Mikey said...

Totally unbelievable!! That's insane! Good for you though!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! That's amazing!

New Mexico