Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Pageant

For the third year we were invited back to do the Christmas Eve pageant at a local church. We get there an hour early because the donkeys need to practice walking down the aisle of the church. The floor changes under their feet several times - blacktop to concrete to carpet to tile to different tile... and each change is a WHOLE new experience! But first... we see Lamar the camel in the parking lot!

So me and my helpers have to get our picture taken with him. Randy is the short one... then me in the red shirt, Mary in green and Elaina last.

Now the donkeys are unloaded and brushed and off we go toward the church... Mary Ellen has been visiting Randy so she brought her... and I brought Ellie Mae, who is with Elaina, and Becky Lynn with 6-day-old Timothy... who STOLE the show! The littlest donkey was the biggest hit!

Pictures inside do not turn out well so we didn't even try this year. But once we have practiced a few times, we wait outside in the grass as the people arrive and everyone has to stop and play with the donkeys :) including the pageant participants!

We really enjoy doing this pageant every year... even if we have to dress up!


Mikey said...

That is so cute!! You guys do the funnest things :)
Merry Christmas!!

Debby said...