Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Musical donkeys

Tonight when I got home it was time to do some moving... for various reasons equine critters need to be shuffled! Put Gus and Ruthie in with Trooper where they have more room and to give them another pal. However Trooper let himself out of the pen and with no time to fix it, I just let him out in the big pasture with Fred and the big horse herd to see how he would do. Vet said wait 8 weeks which was last Saturday but I was goign to give him a little more time - however it seems to be a painless transfer so that's good news. Soleil from AERO had come with her sister Debbie to visit Gus and Ruthie, mostly Ruthie as I am concerned about her walking and some other things. It was a very productive visit, and they like the bigger pen and being together, so this weekend we will need to put up at least one shade and divide the pen so they can be separated for dinner as Ruthie is going to be getting some supplements that Gus doesn't need. Debbie was kind enough to talk to some of our other critters while Soleil was concentrating on Ruthie which thrilled me to no end... to summarize, Dillon said the reason he didn't limp when the vet was here was because he didn't want to get a shot! His foot still hurts, it's either a stone bruise or an abcess trying to come through, but he did say it's getting better. I moved him as well, into a bigger pen, but he chose NOT to have a buddy at this point. Wiley however said he would like company and when asked if he wanted the brown mule or the white one, he was very definite that he wanted Eve! That's really it for the donkeys but I also put Skeye back out with the big herd and since Ozzie has lost weight and looks really good, put him back with the little herd as well.

Did ya get all that???


debby said...

Man. It's like shuffling a deck of cards... :^D

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Sheez-did you take lessons from my mom? That woman can shuffle horses around more than anyone I know. I never know where to put anyone away because even if I pull one from one pen, when I am done with it, I have to ask if she wants if back in that pen or in another pen because you know it might need to be with one group in the morning and another in the evening. And one day one gelding is in with the mares and the next day the other gelding is in with the mares and the only thing I know is that both geldings are not supposed to be with the mares at the same time unless they are in the pasture, but sometimes both geldings are in with the mares and uggghhhh...I just can't figure out her system. LOL.