Thursday, June 5, 2008

Move Over!

Today, for the first time in over 16 years, I GOT PULLED OVER.

Apparently in 2005 Arizona passed a law (ARS Section 28-775E-1-2) that if you are driving and there is a police or any other type emergency vehicle on the side of the road, you are REQUIRED to change lanes if there is an open lane next to you, or if not, you are required to reduce your speed and proceed with extreme caution.

Generally I do this as a matter of courtesy, but this morning I was kinda zoning since it was a late night last night and I'm awfully tired. (And NO, I did not tell that to the officer!) So I saw him there but just didn't react... unfortunately for me he was just finishing up as I went by, in fact the person he had pulled over pulled out right behind me.

So he quick got behind me with his lights flashing. SIGH.

I don't watch TV, haven't for 6 years (which is way earlier than 2005!) and I don't read the newspaper. And I know, ignorance of the law is no excuse. But geez you would think they would find a way to let people know when they make or change a law... so in case there are any other Arizona residents out there reading my blog who also didn't hear about this new law in 2005, NOW YOU KNOW!!!

Anyway I was fortunate to just get a warning so no fine and no points...

Here's hoping for another at least 16 years before I see those darned lights again!!


debby said...

Well, at least it was only a warning. Still, those lights are just about always a sure fire heart stopper.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I am waiting to see if the local cops are going to drop a ticket off at my house. When my mom called me Sunday night-I headed to her place at a rather high speed. I apparently outrun the cop that was after me(I thought it was the ambulance).
I heard the next day that he was on the police scanner-screaming for backup-he was getting outrun by a maroon pickup with its emergency blinkers on---doing 110mph.
I'd like to see him make that one stand up in court-LOL.