Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Volunteer Saturday

Sheryl and Matthew came out again with their friends Greg, Betty and Andrew. Got some tree-trimming done, grooming, trash pickup... but they were running later than planned so the boys missed Lindsey's hoof-trimming demonstration, she did SIX minis before they arrived and was ready to quit for the day. Boy those new nippers are SO NICE, thanks Mikey for the referral on where to get them!! And oh well, one thing about hooves is they do keep growing, so the boys can catch Lindsey trimming another day.
Here's Andrew who did the hardest branches, the ones that were screeching on the roof when the wind blows, that we couldn't reach from the ground!

I'm so glad that was HIM up there and NOT ME!
Dillon was supervising but of course turned his head right when Sheryl took the picture... I guess we all gotta snack sometime huh?

and after dinner, which to Sheryl's delight Randy cooked while we were working, the boys helped me feed:

...while the moms cleaned the donkey pen, then the boys and I went to get a load of brick someone was giving away. Sheryl wrote me later when she got home that she would rather trim trees and scoop poop than cook... have to laugh because I'm all over that one myself!!! All in all a productive day!

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mikey said...

Isn't a new pair of nippers just divine? You have no idea how crappy your old ones are until you get a new set and then it's like AHHHHH, this is amazing!!! Not to mention less struggle, cleaner nips. Sigh... I'm jealous.

Am sitting home waiting on the vet to put that mare down. We were scheduled last Wed, she took an upturn, and this weekend a downturn. It's just plain time. Makes me so sad today :( I know I'm doing the right thing, but it never gets any easier to be the one making the decision. I will say this. I doped her like crazy yesterday and today, and she's stood next to her donkey love of her life, Jack, this whole time. She's been happy and had good last moments.

Sigh... sorry to be a Debbie Downer, lol.