Saturday, June 28, 2008

Little Elden Springs

This was my first trip to Little Elden Springs and I will definitely be going back! It reminded me a lot of Groom Creek which I love, although it's farther away... BUT - the trails are so much better! It's not as large a campground as Groom Creek... BUT - the trails are so much better! The daily fee is also more than Groom Creek... BUT - the trails are so much better! Due to altitude the use period is probably shorter... BUT - the trails are so much better! The two high points in my opinion were Schultz Tank, a lovely small mountain lake, and the IMMENSE aspen grove... Here, take a peek, and judge for yourself:

As you can see, toward the end of the ride it started threatening to storm and we did get sprinkled on, the perfect amount to lend a touch of cool... and we were hoping it would hold off till we got back to camp and unsaddled and then LET IT RAIN. I had gotten up before dawn, to clean the horse area and feed the two mares, wash up and feed myself, and took the dogs for a short walk (all I could handle at that altitude lol). So I thought I would take advantage of a nice storm and snooze a little... only to wake up a couple hours later to find the storm had blown over and we didn't get any more rain, and it was HOT in the trailer! My friend Linda just got a new small LQ trailer and offered me a shower, which felt darn good. Toward evening we all gathered with our contributions and had a wonderful potluck, then sat around the campfire chatting. What a great day!!!

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debby said...

Gosh, that does not look so different from here....