Sunday, June 29, 2008

Home Again

Another peaceful, cool early morning... cleaned the horse area, fed the two mares, washed up and fed myself while reading; then made the bed and packed up everything I wasn't going to need to get a head start. Once everyone was up and around, we saddled up and headed out shortly after 9am. This time took Deer Hill Trail, toward the north and east I believe, still pines but quite a bit different than yesterday's scenery.

Really enjoyed the ride, and got back in time to head home by early afternoon, but it looked to be clouding up and I was really wanting to be rained on so I hung around a few more hours... and as luck would have it the storm blew out again. Finished packing up and loaded the mares and the dogs, and headed down the hill. Really really didn't want to go, talked to several people in the Valley that said it was HOT... although Randy said it was ONLY 104! Coming south out of Cordes Junction saw what looked to be a great storm off to the south and west... but as I got closer, yes it was clouds above but what had looked to me from a distance like rain falling, was actually SMOKE rising! Just past Sunset Point I could even smell it in the air... and once darkness fell, we could see the orange glow from home! Scary, and so sad - it's gonna be another tough summer!

And wouldn't you know it, we had to make a run into town (to replace the card reader so I could post pictures!) and while we were gone, it rained at home!!!!!

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