Saturday, June 7, 2008

Faith Somewhat Restored...

Despite the people who do things like what was done to Mikey, don't lose faith! There are still some great people in the world! Today Sheryl and Matthew, the mom and son who found Gus and Ruthie and started their rescue, arrived with 5 friends in tow, to lend a hand with some ranch projects.
Matthew and Andrew putting up the people shade

We got the shade up in the small turn-out:
Fred and Trooper were a lot of help (NOT!)

and got a shade up for Gus and Ruthie so they could stay in the bigger pen together
Getting ready to attach a pole
Andrew and Matthew holding the pole while Randy clamped it
(this picture is halfway through, the legs on the high side got buried some so the shade is more even):
Me holding a pole
Gus the donkey supervising while Gus the volunteer pats Grace before climbing back up the ladder
Gus with the cordless screwdriver attaching the roof to the pole
Andrew filling in the hole

Andrew, Randy and Gus
This pen has better footing for Ruthie, and we also put another small shade over the water tanks to keep the algae down now that the summer sun is in full force. Sheryl and Matt also helped me get Ruthie started on her new meds while they were here (she has gastritis!) and she did really well with just me tonight. Yay, Ruthie!!!! Keep those positive thoughts coming folks, and we will get her through this.
and then the boys scooped poop!

After a break we then hauled a bunch of panels from the other side of the yard over to the "garden" where some of the wire fencing was failing and Eve, who did NOT want to be Wiley's buddy all by herself, had put the finishing touches on. It now is again safe for the little ones and tomorrow we will bring Wiley THREE friends in the hopes that Eve won't object so strongly if she has Maggie and Ozzie for more company! Stay tuned to see if it works this time!

So a HUGE thank you to Sheryl and Matt and their friends, Gus and his son Dylan, and Greg and Betty and their son Andrew. You guys ROCK!!!!! Sorry there aren't more pictures but we were working awfully hard and I didn't have time to take many - plus Sheryl had her camera too so when she sends me her pictures I may add some.

As for Mikey, she stopped by tonight to give Gus another trim, and I got the scoop on the fiasco... suffice it to say that I personally plan to boycott a certain website and would encourage anyone with a lick of sense to do the same. Mikey will be ok but she is going to turn her energies to some other endeavors (like writing a BOOK - sshhh, you didn't hear it here!) and from time to time I will let you know how she is doing.


Mrs Mom said...

Very glad to hear that the little people there are doing so very well. Your efforts at saving those little long ears is to be commended! (Donkeys ROCK!)

As to our pal Mikey, please let her know there are a slew of comments for her at my blog, and at BrownEyedCowgirls, too. She is MISSED! LOTS!!

I am sorry she had to have dealings with the Mafioso there, but I have to say, at least it happened to someone who is STRONG, and can take care of herself. Many other people could not. ;)

Looking forward to more pics!!

Mrs Mom said...

Oh- and the book we did not hear about here...hehe... Bet it will be fantastic! Let hew kow I would very much like an autographed copy, please! ;)