Saturday, June 21, 2008

Amazing Radar!

OK I am SO in love with this little guy. What a character! He's a real people dog, I put him in the playpen with Sherman and Vada and he still stands on his hind legs and HOWLS - you can just HEAR him saying "Mama don't leave me, I'm LONELY" - and he gets Sherman going too! vada just sits there looking at them -"BOYS!" she says with a shake of her head.

This afternoon Radar thought that sitting in the water dish was a good way to let us know the big dogs had drank it all... Yup he WAS thirsty!
Last night Randy was playing with the pups on the floor while I was feeding and I missed it so today he demonstrated for me: it's a dogpile!

And tonight he helped Lindsey do the dishes, just like his "big brother" Sherman

Randy also said we will have to watch him, he has NO FEAR - he climbed up on a bag that was sitting next to Randy's chair and then LEAPED up onto Randy's knee! Wish I'd had the camera ready for that one!

On the negative side, he found the few little teethmarks that Vada already put in my card-reader cord and proceeded to chew halfway through the cord! He's ok but the card-reader is no longer working {sigh} - thankfully I had already downloaded these pictures from today! We've got to do something quick as the reader ports in the computer itself don't fit the card to my small camera - which is what most of the pictures you have seen on this blog were taken with!


debby said...

He certainly looks like a charactor, all right. I like how each animal has it's own nature, just like people.

kdwhorses said...

Oh my goodness what a cutie and great personality he has! He may not have gotton the memo that he is a little guy!
Dog pile-love it!