Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Mikey Fix...

... for all you addicts who have been missing her so badly.
Here she is demonstrating the flamingo dance... er, um, I mean she is holding a recalcitrant Fred while Wade does the easy part ;)
Look closely at Fred's expression - even with just one eye showing, you can tell he is plotting! What's that saying? "Payback's a b*tch!"

Hurry up Wade!!
Trooper is studying Fred's method way too intently! Trooper, this is NOT how you are to behave for the farrier!!!
And for you dyed-in-the-wool addicts, here is a Mercy fix as well: modeling the latest in..... HATS?????
Hope you enjoyed our visit from The Horseshoeing Housewife (and crew -sorry Wade, not that you aren't important... but, well, Mikey is just - MIKEY!)


Train Wreck said...

Well there she is!! I feel jipped, I am only a few months old to this whole blog thing.I didn't get to know Mikey very well, before she went away! Tell her I hope all is well with her!
Also I don't need another pup, but I will keep an ear open! What color is the pup? any special traits? (Sit, stay, eat the bad people!) He! He!

kdwhorses said...

Yeah Mikey, Mercy and of course Wade!!! Glad to see she is still alive and kicking!!! I sure hope she comes back soon, I miss her!!!! What is it about making hats out of anything!! Feed buckets seem to be the hat of choice around here! LOL!! Give her a hug from me! Hurry back Mikey!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Heidi said...

OH!! Thank you for showing us MIKEY AND MERCY!!! Its so nice to see them - I have missed the Mercy posts cuz she is the same age as my son - they would be a force to rekon with if they lived closer!! LOL Miss ya Mikey and I we can see you soon!!! What a litle stinker that donkey must be!!

mikey said...

ROTFL!!! Oh I miss you guys too *sniffle* I promise to come back soon!!
Fred was fun, he totally reminds me of Jack. Just a shit when it comes to the farrier!! I thought we did good with Fred, we hardly swore at all :) lol

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Hey that's pretty cool-we get to see Mikey in action(and Wade too-sort of). Don't they make an awesome team!!

Just wanted to let you know-that if your Paint Mare is in good health-there is no reason why you shouldn't breed her. Twenty-two is not that old anymore and with the good feed options and vitamin mineral supplements available-they come through it fine.
I really am considering breeding Woofer again next year-but I made a boo-boo on my comment...Woof is 24 this year, if I breed her back next year-she will be 26 when she foals again.
Considering the vet thought she was about 10-I don't think age is really against her. Mom and I have pretty much come to the conclusion that the reason she lost the foal the year before is because we let her get too fat. She was ginormous, even after she foaled. The vet agreed that all of that extra weight is probably why her placenta tore. So-we learned a hard, but valuable lesson. There is good shape and then there is way too good of shape.

Momma / Cowgirl said...

YeeHaw MIKEY!! Thanks for the fix. I barely know Mikey's clan, but still miss her.
That sure looked like fun??? Or not.
thanks PPR!

debby said...

Mikey. E-mail me. Quick.