Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh Happy Day

People don't understand and I know it seems weird but today is a RED LETTER day for me. This is Hilary's birthday. Hilary is my youngest. And it's her EIGHTEENTH birthday.

So I am thrilled beyond belief. Now Hilary is still in high school and will still be living with us. Maybe even for the first year or so of college. But here's the deal: I got all three of my girls to eighteen without anybody getting pregnant, doing drugs, getting into drinking, etc.

So that makes me one happy mama!!! I ain't perfect, but I done good :)

And although Lindsey didn't leave nicely when she left, I knew it would be better once she was gone... she mailed me a CD that she made up for me, of songs that mean something, that say what she couldn't say... so I feel a whole lot better about that as well. Now we can put the nasty stuff behind us and have a decent relationship again...

PS Happy Birthday Hilary ;)

In other news, had a neighbor contact me about using one of my jacks for her two new miniature donkey jennets... long story short we have two temporary visitors here to get knocked up LOL! AND, while the lady was here, she fell in love with Jess and Forrest too, so Jess is already over there. We both agreed that Forrest should stay here a bit longer until he is fully recovered from his gelding...

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