Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tired But Happy

Didn't get much sleep last night, something was up with Randy's little chihuahua Vada and despite multiple mumblings of "Go see Daddy" she kept walking on ME and bothering ME. Then I had a busy day at work. Then I had to come home, of course feed everybody and pack the trailer for the mini pony rides at the special needs preschool tomorrow. Then I came in and packed up the stuffed ponies that we send home with the kiddos... then Randy called and said "Go saddle your horse" - he was almost home and we have been traying to walk (well, he walks and I and ride Luna) every Tuesday, Thursday and at least once on the weekend. Here's where the happy part comes in. SHE IS DOING GREAT! Dark doesn't bother her, barking dogs don't bother her, car headlights don't bother her... and I am riding her alone {as in, without another equine companion} and that doesn't bother her, so long as Randy is there she is fine. Sorry if you are getting tired of hearing me say it but I AM SO PROUD OF MY GIRL!!!

And now I am going to drag my weary self to bed...

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