Sunday, February 22, 2009

Busy Day

Left the ride this morning and went by Lindsey's new place "on my way home" - yeah right. It was 20 miles out of the way each way! But that was still better than the 89-mile each way trip it would have been from home...

She has a real cute little house. Since she doesn't have much stuff it looks nice and clean - unlike the clutter I am used to at home. INSPIRATION to get busy clearing out stuff around here... she has a nice horsey set-up too!

Came home to catch up on chores {fun fun} and get a quick ride in on Luna while Randy walked. She is doing fantastic, what a good girl! Let Sherman come along this time and he enjoyed it. Then my friend Mary took us out to dinner at Red Lobster as a thank you for picking her up from the airport the other day. She is doing great by the way, walking WITH PERMISSION and about to go back to work WOO HOO!!!

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nice post... love your blog.

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