Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Remodeling Donkey Style

Got a call this afternoon from my boarders that they had taken care of a problem for me... Forrest decided to "remodel"! Now if he had just MOVED panels I would mind so much... but he decided to remodel the panel into a pretzel!

Randy's pretty handy but I'm not sure even he can fix this!

Hard to see the gouge in the dirt as it was dusk when I got the pictures but he moved the OTHER side of the pen too, a good THREE FEET! Luckily he didn't bend up any more than one panel...

Then I go out back and find that my mini donks have been playing with the water spigot and turned on the hose...we just had a bunch of rain, did NOT need this!!!

On a more positive note, here is Luna waiting for me waiting for Randy to get home so we can start our walking and riding program.

He's gonna walk to build himself up, and I'm gonna ride with him on Luna because she needs to be ridden 3-4 times a week so she doesn't forget what she learned, and it's just flat not safe to ride alone... so this works for both of us! No pictures of the ride because by the time he got home it was dark but my girl did so good... once we got home and in the gate Randy went inside to get dinner going and I walked Luna all the way back to the trailer alone, she was perfect! Got her untacked and put away and started feeding and almost couldn't see through the {happy} tears... I AM SO PROUD OF THIS MARE!!!!

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