Sunday, February 8, 2009

Luna's Home!

And darn it no pictures from today, I forgot my camera, remembered by the time I got to Mary's but she brought hers so I didn't go back for mine... then we left hers in the truck and never got any pictures at all. I picked up Mary to come down to Toni's with me because Toni has Buck for a while too, and Mary wanted to visit. So she hung out and groomed her boy and loved on him while Toni took Luna and for one more supervised ride... and WE TROTTED! She has a lovely smooth trot :) but with the rain I didn't want to ask for a lope in such soft sand... we were sinking even at a walk! So that experience is yet to come...

The really neat thing happened when we got home and I got Luna out of the trailer... from way across the pasture her mama perked up her ears and let out a deep-throated nicker... and came trotting over to welcome her baby girl home :)

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