Sunday, February 15, 2009

Luna's Official Inaugural Ride

People I am SO flying tonight... what a fantastic feeling to take my baby girl on a "real" trail ride for the first time...

Yeah, I know, I've ridden her several times by now, but some were training rides and some were all alone with Randy walking, no other horses. This was what I would call her first "real" trail ride. There were 7 of us and we were out for several hours.

Getting ready to go...

Wasn't it kind of APS to put a personal mounting block right outside my front gate?

The first EVER Luna earcam!!!

This is my friend Shirley with her mare Jahaan... it was also Jahaan's first "real" trail ride.

Luna is wondering where Sugar is headed off to...

We rode over to Mary's to say hi, and she took some group shots for us.

Me with our "babysitters" - Toni in the back on Star, Sabrina on Sugar, Linda on Kate, and Kirk on Diamond

Toni says she was watching Luna, not me - what do you think?

Even with Kirk and Diamond messing around, she didn't miss a step!

The quads didn't bother her...

She's a snacker like her mama!

I have to laugh, caught Toni "watching" again!

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