Saturday, February 7, 2009

Make-up Ride

Well I was supposed to be on a big ride down in Maricopa today but with the threatening storm it was postponed. So a few friends and I got together with our gaited horses and rode from the Emery Henderson trailhead... the rain held off until I was almost home so we had a fantastic ride. They have done a LOT of work to this trail, so I am told. I never did get out there before they fixed it up but the gals I was riding with said it is really nice. It is fast becoming one of my favorite trails because it has singletrack and dirt road, hills and ravines and a wash and just a lot of different types of terrain so it never gets boring. I used to hate to ride on roads but now with the gaited horses it is really fun to get side by side and get them in a little competition, they really move out! Back on the loop part of the trail, there are a couple of hills just COVERED with saguaro cactus, gorgeous! Because it was threatening rain I didn't want to risk getting the camera wet, but I will sure remember to take it next time I go!

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