Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wickenburg Gold Rush Parade

For the first time since I got horses, I was NOT in this parade... (well except for the year we got rained totally out!) So, we decided to go up and watch since we never get to really see it from the inside!

No sooner did the first horse and rider go by then I was saying "I CHANGED MY MIND - I want to be IN the parade, not sitting on the sidewalk watching it". I did this enough as a child!!!

Oh well, too late.

So here are some of my favorites...
Beautiful horses!

Pretty team!!

Neat old wagon

Look, it's Matthew and the boys from Serenity Farms! The kids in the back are the ones who load my hay and supplements... and that's Dixie Chick between them... wish it wasn't so dark inside the truck, hard to see Matt darn it!

Pretty Paso...

The infamous Sheriff Joe!

This guy is letting his DOG drive!

Bill Williams Mountain Men

What can I say, I am a sucker for paints!

This gal knows how to travel in style ;)

More later in the week... I took a TON of pictures but don't want to overload blogger lol

1 comment:

Mikey said...

Ha! Good pictures! I wondered where you were... thought you'd be in it! You had a good spot somewhere obviously.
Love your Luna stuff too, above. That's awesome!! And Sherman, lol. You are such a nut, with the buddy seat for your dog! One of a kind!! Cracks me up every time.
Oh and next month when it dries up we'll ride up to those railroad tracks and bridge. It's a perfect ride!