Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So Far, So Good

Tonight Randy didn't get home until after dark but I had already fed and Luna was finished so I went and tacked her up and we still did our walk. No dogs tonight although we took Zacchaeus last Thursday and of course Sherman on Sunday. In the dark I don't want to risk them being thought coyote bait!! But Luna did awesome again, we didn't do as many bush turns and other goofing around in the dark but she was very calm and relaxed, except for one moment when we first started out, still can't figure that one out, and a spook at the very end when Randy stepped on a piece of hard plastic and it crackled. Toni was right though, when she spooks she spooks LITTLE lol. There is no bucking, no running off like a lunatic, just a little jump and then she freezes...

In other news {lol} Forrest seems to be healing nicely. I'm gonna try and confirm with my donkey sources but per my vet I should be able to put him and Jess back together now. However they seem to be doing much better even apart, they are both eating all their food now, so I'm not sure it's the right thing to do... It might be easier to find homes for them if they can go separately rather than insisting they remain a pair. So I am still puzzling over this one for now. Will try and decide by the weekend... It sure would be nice to have my round pen back!

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