Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today just happens to be the birthday of TWO of my very good friends. So a group of us got together for dinner at Ajo Al's... actually we kinda horned in on Sabrina's family dinner lol, so the cake her husband got only had her name on it... but he lit the candles twice and let Mary blow too :)

Sabrina blowing out the candles first...

Then Mary got a turn!

Shirley and her husband Fred. I have adopted Shirley as another mom...
...which makes Brenda my little sister!

Sabrina... I love her smile :)

Sabrina's dad

Me and Randy with Sabrina's hubby Joe behind us...

Melanie, pretty in pink!

The birthday girls with Sabrina's youngest, Caleb

Happy Birthday Dear Friends!!!

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