Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wow. 2009!

Tried to ring in the New Year last night, but we all got tired and went to bed about 11... we figured, what the heck, it's 12:00 SOMEWHERE lol.

Today... we rode. Had a wonderful ride. Great friends. Great food. Lost my cell phone and someone on a quad found it and we found them and I got it back... so there's my New Year Miracle lol.

It was also a very hard sad day for me. I left my Luna with a gal for training... she has never been away from home. I feel like I left my kindergartener at a boarding school... and yes I cried halfway home. I had to call Randy to talk to me on the phone until I got far enough away I wouldn't turn around and go back and get her... I kept seeing her face when I put Katie in the trailer and shut the door and Luna was still standing outside... She was quite surprised and perplexed!

But in a month, I should have her back home and be able to ride her myself... and won't that be something!!!



Debby said...

Happy New Year. Tim and I were sitting on the couch, both tired, watching the tube. Suddenly about quarter after, I realized that I did not get a kiss. I'm not sure why we stayed up, actually....

kdwhorses said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We were in bed by 10!

Sounds like a great day you all had!

I totally understand what your saying about leaving her. ((HUGS)) It is hard, but just think all the saddle time you want when she comes back! Woo hoo!