Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saving a Life *pics added

On a ride today we crossed a river, and sitting on a tire in the middle was a lizard! How it managed to get there is beyond me... I'm surprised it didn't drown. Here you can see the tire behind the 4th horse...

And no way would it have made it out of there. So I determined to save it even though it would mean getting my boots wet! Katie and I sidled up to the tire, where I discovered that I could stand on it and woo hoo dry boots!

So I carefully dismounted onto the portion of the tire sticking up out of the water

scooped up the lizard (which was quite pretty by the way, little blue spots all over its back!)

and got back on my horse. We then proceeded to the bank where I tried putting the lizard in a bush so I didn't have to get off and on again. It was determined to stay on my hand but I finally got it to cling to the bush.

Yup I am a hero - with the help of my horse :)

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Mikey said...

Awww, good for you!! That's a nice thing to do. He wouldn't have made it otherwise!
Sorry to hear Randy was sick, I hadn't realized! And you're riding Luna! So much going on with you!!!