Saturday, January 24, 2009

Luna's First Real Trail Ride

Yup, today, with ME riding her :) Well, she's been out with Toni on her and Kirk taking pictures as he rode with, but today there were SIX riders total!

We went down a little hill into the wash... we rode in sand, rocks, mucky mud and even in water. She spooked once at a pile of 3 tires - now why she would do that when we have a whole pile of tires in our own yard, I have no clue! But when she spooks, she spooks LITTLE - just a little drop of the shoulder and a tiny jump to the left, and I handled it just fine.
I'm so happy to be aboard...

Blue shirt on the left is my trainer Toni, I had to laugh when I saw this shot, she was keeping a watchful eye on me the whole time!

Once she tried to argue with what I was asking her to do!

But I made her stop and behave...

And we moved off nicely again :) Toni says I handled it just fine!

I just love this one, the wind in her mane...

Toni says this is "thinking sweat" from Luna using her brain so much!

I'm so happy with my girl!!!


Debby said...

You are in shirtsleeves. I will not be jealous. I will not be jealous.

Mikey said...

She's doing fantastic, and you too! You guys look great together!!