Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Luna Update

Got the following this morning from my friend Toni who is training Luna:

"Rode Luna in the wash yesterday... She did well, is steering and stopping and moves off the leg easily. It was somewhat windy and both she and Spitfire spent a lot of time looking for horse boogers in the bushes. LOL. She spooked several times and I never did see what spooked her. Might have been the wind in the bushes or it might have been that she lost her balance while walking in the sand. When she spooks, she drops her right shoulder and goes left. It is not bad and I did not loose my seat. She recovers quickly. I am going to ride her down there again today. I bet she won't spook today."
Obviously she has figured out now how to move forward without another horse in front of her!

And one from the front - my pretty girl :)


Lil Mama said...

I was informed that you must watch out for the wicked horse eating bushes. You just never know when they will jump out and eat your horse.
I love the saddle. It looks like it holds you right in there.

Debby said...

I watched the wizard of oz and saw some pretty mean trees. I'm with Luna and Lil Mama. A horse has to be careful out there.