Friday, January 30, 2009

Horse Soccer - Yes I Said HORSE Soccer

My camera doesn't do so good in the dark so to give you a better idea I jacked some pics taken by our friend Tom :)

It was interesting to see how some horses reacted to that huge green thing...

Linda's horse Reggie demonstrates how to introduce yourself to a soccer ball - see at first he's not too sure...

But since it didn't eat him, he's ok with it now!

As for my girls, both Paint Mare and Katie weren't afraid of it, they just didn't get that they were SUPPOSED to run into it and kick it since those are things we usually DON'T want them to do!

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Judy Osburn said...

Great to see others enjoying the game. Our horses and our two daughters and I have so much fun playing "hoofball." Our family has always been fiercely competative, and the horses have become fiercely possessive over the big ball. (So we've created several rules of the game for the safety of our steeds.) My husband took some video, which I uploaded to:
PS: and your mini-donkeys are so very cute! Enjoy All!