Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Coming...

It really is coming. Lindsey is moving out soon. We will be down to ONE KID in the house. And that one? She will be 18 in less than 2 months. Still in high school and at home for 3 more months after that but I will no longer have any "children" - I will have ADULT CHILDREN.


Kinda weird but you know what? I CAN'T WAIT! I have the most amazing relationship with my oldest. And a key ingredient is, SHE DOESN'T LIVE WITH ME. I can't wait to have that with the other two. Really. I want to be friends and not "just" mom. I am so tired of having to nag about chores etc. I want to be done with that! I don't want to be "mom" any more. Not unless my kids have FOUR LEGS!!!!!

Now don't get me wrong. I love my girls and I always will, no matter what. I will always care whether they are happy or sad, whether they are healthy or sick, whether their lives are going well or not...

That part of "mom" is ok.

But I am really really really looking forward to no more nagging!!!!!

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