Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sayer Spring

Today saw us exploring the Wickenburg area, I've never been here but I'll definitely be back, with LOTS of extra batteries... sorry I don't have more pictures, my camera batteries had the audacity to die!

The foundation of the old general store...

The first hole in the cliff that had water...

Wonder what this was?

The second hole in the cliff that had water... Someone chalked on the wall - "H+V+J 1/4/10, damn cold water" and on the left, "10 feet back"

It does go back around a corner, farther than I could see, so I'll take the word of the person who wrote on the wall... and yes I stuck my hand in there and they were right about the cold!!!

My friend Evelyn who planned this ride also shared this link about the area... and yes we saw "Rick"'s grave!

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