Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Rescue Donks...

I didn't take any pictures Friday at the pick-up site for several reasons... time being one, and also because, through no fault of their own, the folks' place looked pretty nasty what with half-melted snow making a muddy mucky mess of things... I know I wouldn't want anyone taking pictures here after a big rain either! So now that the donks are in a dry pen in the daylight without blankets on... here are some pictures from yesterday :)

I think they were tired after their long drive home...

The yearling jack is actually in fine shape, just needs a trim...

Mama is pretty chunky...

Look at this neck!!!

and Gus too!!!

Baby boy stays pretty close to his mama...

Mama's nasty front feet... I think, and a friend who saw the pictures also said, that it looks like she foundered recently - probably because they were being free-fed alfalfa! In fact I am surprised that Gus and the baby boy don't look worse... I will be interested to hear what Mikey has to say when she sees these pictures...
I did give mama a conservative trim yesterday afternoon, I could have taken off a lot more but (1) my hands can only take so much and (2) I thought it might be better for her to do it in a couple of stages...
Left front BEFORE

Left front AFTER

Right front BEFORE

Right front AFTER

Right rear side view BEFORE - way too much toe!

Right rear BEFORE

Right rear side view AFTER

Right rear AFTER

Right rear on the ground... some better anyway huh?

Left rear side view BEFORE

Left rear BEFORE

Left rear AFTER

Left rear side view AFTER

Both front feet on the ground, AFTER
Well Mikey?

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Mikey said...

Lol at the last sentence! Looks good to me! I love that you get under there and trim them yourself. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you're a brave lady! (donks can be ornery) You do a good job with your critters!