Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not For Hire...

I'm not a prissy girl, not a girlie girl... but I'm not really into "guy stuff" when it comes to vehicles. So I can't really explain why, but for years, every time I see one of those hauler trucks pulling a big horse trailer, with "Not For Hire" on the doors, I just turn GREEN with envy... there is something about those three little words on the truck door that just makes me drool...

So can you imagine my excitement when Randy presented me with these last night?!?!?!?

They can't go on until the truck is painted, but by golly I HAVE THEM!!!!!!!!!

With everything else going on, I have been remiss about posting truck updates. Last I left you, Brandon was working on mounting the sleeper - there was a big hole in my truck!!! Well it's done... mounted, attached, even painted! And that big hole GOES somewhere!!!

Next step was moving and modifying the hitch, one of the guys working on it said something to Randy, hey I'm not the vehicle girl so I can't remember... anyway they said if DPS pulled us over for any reason, we would NOT be allowed to roll like that. All fixed now :)

And, Brandon has been working on the flatbed installation...

Unfortunately it won't be ready by the time I need to roll Friday morning, but he has things measured and marked and whatever so that he can do some work on the actual bed, on the ground, while I have the truck this weekend, and next week he should be able to finish!

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Ms Martyr said...

Your "Not For Hire" jonesing cracked me up.

Glad things seem to be calming down in the donkey situation.

Hope you have a great weekend.