Saturday, September 11, 2010

Estrella Training Track - Long Loop!

Today we headed for Estrella...

The victims:
Cinnamon (Brenda)

Jersey (Sabrina)

Gypsy (Shirley)

Katie (me of course)
and amazingly enough, Destiny! Yup I actually got Hilary out of bed for once...

Just a few shots from our ride... and of course I forgot to ask someone else to get some of me and Katie {sigh}

But this is a GREAT endurance training workout!!!

Got home in time for a nice nap, then a nice visit with my mom who hasn't been out in quite a while... and it's early to bed as tomorrow, I am off to South Mountain!!!

But first, remember "possibilities" from earlier this week? I picked up the mare last night. They have been calling her Savannah but to me that is Sabrina's horse and I just can't get past it... they did say that "Glory" is part of her registered name so I'm gonna go with that :) She spent last night safely in the small pen, and when I got home from riding today I opened that gate and let her into the small paddock, with a common fence to the arena where all of my horses are. So far so good...

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