Saturday, September 25, 2010

Glory Hallelujah!

No pictures because it was too dark, even though the moon made it easy to ride... but I've got to tell you, I LOVE THIS MARE! I took Glory on the moonlight ride, along with Laurie and her Katie, Melwood and DD, and Brenda who we convinced to join us and ride my Katie... and a new riding buddy, Lori, with her appy Tansy. All but Tansy are gaited and Tansy walks out nice so we had a moving-out ride... and when we turned the corner at 243rd and headed for home, the 4 mares who live here knew it, and they really wanted to go... Lori was a good sport and kept up with us, and boy did we fly! And as much as I love my Katie, I have to say there is no doubt that Glory is much the smoother ride... in fact even though I forgot to add my sports bra for the double-bagging we usually do, my boobs weren't even bouncing! And yes, that IS a big deal ;)

Because we didn't get done until about midnight, I actually slept in this morning instead of riding in Rainbow Valley like I was hoping... but I needed it! AND, since I was actually HOME for a change, we got the rest of the north side of the living room floor done YAHOO! Then off I went to my friend LindaK's for her birthday party, a little swimming, a little chatting, a little eating, a little drinking - and lucky for me I rode along with Lisa so for once I didn't have to be the designated driver! AND, I found a new drink... I'd never even heard of Tequila Rose, but oh boy is it good! Adding that to the grocery list for this next week for sure!

Now it's off to bed because tomorrow we leave by 6:30 AM for Granite Mountain!

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