Sunday, September 19, 2010

Las Cienegas Endurance Ride

Had a great weekend down Sonoita way, even if I didn't get to do the 25-mile ride like I had planned...

Shirley caught me tacking up for a warm-up ride Friday afternoon...

Brenda took a nice picture of Kandace, Cathy and me heading out for a warm-up ride Friday afternoon... this was only my second time riding Glory!

Sabrina about ready to head out on Jersey for the 50-mile ride... Shirley will get Gypsy ready as soon as the 50s have gone.

Kance with Yankee, and Cathy with Soldier, heading out for the 50...

By the time I got on Glory to do the 12-mile fun ride, everyone else had gone... I wasn't surprised that she decided to pitch her lil trademark fit... I WAS surprised to find out Brenda had caught a picture of it! She settled down once we got going and she did a MARVELOUS job on the 12-mile ride... based on what I have seen so far, I am expecting that Glory will end up being my main endurance horse, and it will be Katie who is the "relief pitcher" - which I don't think she will mind at all!!!

All in all, a great weekend!!!

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