Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sugarfoot Is So Lucky!!!

This mare was not.

I found out about this yesterday. It is unknown whether the horse was turned loose or whether she got out but even if she wasn't dumped, just look at her apalling condition. And she got caught in the cattleguard - 3 broken legs, yes she had to be put down on the spot. By the way this was in Tonopah and the pictures were taken by someone I "know" through my riding forum.

It just makes me want to shoot someone.

This is happening more and more. This is why, despite a huge decrease in our income, I still have 20 equines. It's heartbreaking to see this happen to ANY horse. If it happened to one of mine, it would kill me... so if we have to eat Top Ramen so we can feed our herd, well, so be it.


Mikey said...

Wow, I said the same thing about the ramen yesterday. Isn't this awful? I can't believe it. Kudos to Michelann who got on TV yesterday to talk about it. Damn these people who dump horses. I'm with you, I've got 15 and I'm not letting a single one go anywhere. I'd die if that happened to one of my "kids"

Grey Horse Matters said...

That's just awful, I hate to see things like that happen to horses. I can only hope there is a hell for people who do things like this to defenseless animals.

Amy said...

omg. omg. so far i really dont see evidence that bad people end up getting theirs. they just get away with doing bad stuff, but i really hope whoever did this does some suffering.

Debby said...

Oh. That picture made me cry. That poor, poor thing.