Sunday, June 14, 2009

Horses and Cleanup

Just missed Mercy's ride at the gymkhana last night but I got to see Wade and Mikey run. Too dark to get pictures that far away but got a couple shots on the bleachers... Mikey and Mercy

Wade sits down, Mercy jumps in his lap and says "Daddy save me from the Mommy monster" whereupon Mikey growls and tickles...

Notice the color of the shirts worn by Wade and by Mikey...I told her, next time SHE should wear the blue shirt... and maybe SHE would win the blue ribbon instead of the red! Congratulations on a good night though to all three as Mercy also took 1st in her age group... Mommy better watch it!
Then I got up early this morning and went for a ride with some friends

Came home and fed and unloaded hay and grabbed a bite and down for the count I went... Got up about the time Hilary came home from work and we took two young'uns for a ride - kinda! Neither one wanted to be first so we had a heck of a time getting anywhere. Until we turned around to head home of course - THEN they moved out...
Got the yard cleaned of critter litter before trash runs tomorrow, fed the horses, then spent an hour or so driving all around in the golf cart, picking stuff up that was in the wrong place and putting it where it belongs. Randy did the same with his 4-wheeler and things are looking better around here. Still a lot to do but we are making progress!

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