Sunday, June 28, 2009

Granite Mountain Ride

Just one shot from the end of the ride... I had both Sherman and Rocket with me just at the end, but for most of the ride, Rocket hitchhiked with Melanie on Shiloh. We did discover that although Rocket rides better than Sherman (Rocket tucks himself into the saddle and just lays still, while Sherman stands and "surfs"), when it comes to dangling, Sherman is definitely much better. So it's a good thing that Rocket rides so well and doesn't fall off much! When he did lose his seat once, rather than hanging patiently like Sherman does for someone to hoist him back into place, he was scrabbling and clawing trying to get back up himself, and the horse did NOT like that...

It was a little warm at first but with cloud cover and breeze and being able to dunk heads and wet clothing in the water pump at the lunch stop, we had a lovely ride today :)

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