Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Surprise - Sharon's Shower

How's that for alliteration? {grin}

One of my horseback riding website "hag" friends is due to have a daughter in early August. Sharon lives in Flagstaff... so I was thinking about planning a "virtual shower" for her - we would all mail gifts, then get a temporary chat room so we could all log in while she opened them and posted. Unbeknownst to me, a couple others in our group were also e-mailing about doing a shower for her... Then I got a message from another friend who has known her longer than the rest of us about the shower her family had planned... it was not a surprise itself, but they were hoping some of us could come up from the Valley and WE would be the surprise. So we did and we were :) Sharon was so happy to see us. Turned out there were 6 of us from the website:

Wendy, Sabrina, Sharon and Melanie, and me and Suzi in the front
(and that's Ava, the littlest haglet, still inside lol)
She got some really cute baby stuff including three - count them THREE - of the same little stuffed horse. It is part of a set with matching outfits and she got the outfits in each size they come in as well. So cute, almost makes me want to have another baby - ah ha ha ha ha, just kidding honey! It was fun seeing all the cute stuff but I don't even want a grandkid unless it has 4 legs and a tail ;)

Luckily I can have a little fun with Sharon's baby :)

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