Monday, June 8, 2009

Get A Load Of This!

My new tattoo!

It's Dillon!!! The guy did a great job with the shading etc...

And why did I do this? Well I've been wanting to for a while and when the girls decided to get "sister" tattoos, I tagged along.

They had been talking about sister tattoos and Andria had the idea to each get their own unique butterfly but in the same place that I have mine (back of right shoulder), to honor mom... and I was honored!

Following are closer shots of each one - unfortunately they turned out a little blurry. Oddly enough all three girls chose various shades of blue and purple... but each style is unique.

So for me it's one down and two more to go... For years, besides the donkey, I have been wanting to do a design of a string of tiny horses I want made into an anklet, and I want to do a lower back piece of my Justice...

However... While there I looked through the books and now I have LOTS more ideas {grin}

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Mikey said...

That is just way too cool! I love yours and I love their sister tattoos. Very pretty!