Thursday, June 4, 2009

San Diego Day 2

Here we go, PICTURES!

First a few from our morning ride out from the campground...
Thanks to my friend Vicki for grabbing this nice shot of all 4 of us with the lake in the background... That's me with my dorky helmet on Luna, Andria on Katie, Lindsey on Thorn and Hilary on Destiny

It was so fun to have BOTH my boys along for the ride... even if I don't quite trust Luna to carry them yet. Andria took Rocket because Katie's had the most practice, and Lindsey took Sherman because Thorn's done it before once with no problem. The problem this time was that it wasn't ME riding Thorn so Sherman kept looking for his mama!

And this was Rocket's FIRST ride - look how relaxed he is!

As Toni (our trainer) suggested, I occasionally take Luna off to the side of a trail ride group, working on teaching her to go where I ask no matter where the rest of the horses are. I LOVE the zoom on Andria's camera... I was pretty far off!

Sherman and Rocket were both exhausted after their ride

Back at camp we had lunch and then headed off for the beach!
Look what we found on the way to the beach! I got my donkey fix ;)

Hey, what's that ahead?

Getting closer... and all ears focused on that movement and noise!

From Andria's camera on board Katie - she is really studying that surf. Can you read those ears? In case you can't, I will translate: "WHAT THE HECK?????"

And Thorn agrees!

Scaring the sh*t out Katie lol

Thorn checking out that surf... after this picture I put the camera away in preparation for trying to get Luna in the water. And of course right then, a big wave came, Katie backed up so fast she SAT DOWN in the sand and couldn't get up with both girls aboard, we were all laughing so hard and they had to get off so she could get up. Actually that worked out well because with the girls on foot, the horses were more inclined to follow them into the water... but oh how I wish I had more than a mental picture of Katie's "sit"!

Still thinking about this...

But Thorn is willing to trust Lindsey - pity the poor fool, he ended up in the farthest - even had one wave break over his back and reach up to Lindsey's neck!

Luna still watching... Thorn and Katie were fairly easy once they got their feet wet.

Destiny, however, says "NO WAY!"

A smack on the butt isn't working...

Kicking isn't working either... see that tail swishing?

So Hilary got off but Destiny still says "NO WAY!"

The secret - trade the bridle for Thorn's halter and get her close when the wave was out, and HANG ON when the wave comes in!

Hilary refused to give up and give in and her perseverance pays off!

Luna heading in, I'm so proud of my little girl!

Once they got their feet wet, we were pretty much good to go!

Moving out!

My Luna earcam of the surf... a dream come true!
What an awesome day! Can't wait to come back tomorrow with the rest of the group!

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