Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Little Boy Pupdate

No pictures this time darn it, but on a whim I stopped by and got lucky, found the ladies in the dining room after no response at the apartment door, they were finished so took me back upstairs to see our boy. He's grown a bit but still really little... his ears are about standing up... and HE REMEMBERED ME!

They decided to name him Cocoa, which is still an awful trite cliche name to me but not quite as bad as their first idea, Pepper... at least he LOOKS like a "Cocoa" with his chocolate color. But the important thing is, HE IS LOVED. And he has a buddy, a tiny gray poodle named Dusty, who was quite put out with me for touching HIS puppy! Once I got Cocoa on my lap, though, he decided to join in and after that I guess I was okay...

And we have a tentative plan for me to bring Darci for a visit, to see if they remember each other and because the pup's owners would like to meet her. I WILL have the camera with me then!

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