Wednesday, June 3, 2009

San Diego Day 1

Up in the dark to feed those staying behind, load the coolers and the horses and meet up with the caravan... the youn'uns in the back seat were lucky.

LONG LONG drive but driving along with friends was fun! However that last LOOOOOONG hill did us in, my truck just doesn't go fast up hill with my big trailer - and in our defense, we had twice as much horse weight as anybody else! (Who am I kidding, the truck won't pull up hill with ONE horse...)

Anyway we were no longer following anyone once we got to San Diego, and when I called someone about which exit to take, of course we had just PASSED it... but we eventually found the place and what a nice campground! Got a little settled and went for a short ride, lots of new and different things including a bridge under a bridge (can you imagine the echo!) and Luna did great!

Can't wait to hit the beach tomorrow...

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