Monday, March 28, 2011

A Story of Sue...

You might remember me posting about Sue a while back, who has been following my blog and spent part of the winter here, and came to help at the Resolution Ride over New Years, and also came and rode with me a couple of times... Well, she had told me that she was also doing her first 25-mile endurance ride on the 26th - the same day I was doing Lucky Pup.

When I got home yesteday I found a couple of e-mails:
I’m glad I went and experienced it. It was challenging! Quaker was full of energy and tested my bravery and confidence level the whole way! I did get off and walk him several times. The ride, being wide open country with rolling hills, let him see riders and horse on every hill, ahead of him and coming up behind him. This “really” gave him a shot of adrenalin!! I think I need to practice on riding in groups but I don’t know if that would help. I think it is just the energy level of the ride. Anyway, I’m glad I did it because it pushed me way beyond my comfort level. I didn’t fall off which I thought was a plus!! He did buck a couple times, spin and bolt, and feel “bunchy” a lot. However, he is very controllable if you catch these behaviors right as they start. I just need to get braver and more confident!! Susan, I hope your ride went well.

The girl I bought Quaker from took these pictures. The first one looks like he has a bloody leg but it is just the ribbons marking the trail. These are at the start of the race. He actually got more revved up the further he went!

And as the day progressed we traded back and forth a couple more...

Top 10!! Good for you! It’s so fun to do well. I can’t say that I did well but it was a good experience and I’m glad I did it and survived! I will be anxious to see pictures. Our ride had 11-75 milers, 60-50 milers, 60-25 milers and I can’t remember how many trail riders. I thought that seemed like a pretty good number. It sure seemed like it out on the trail because about 5 miles was a common trail. There were horses either in front of you or coming up behind you all the time!!

To which I wrote back along the lines of WOW what a big ride... our ride had 8-50 milers, 15-25 milers and just a few fun riders!

I have no clue if that is a big ride for this area or not. Seemed big to me! Thank goodness parking was in a BIG open area. Otherwise I might have had trouble maneuvering. I bought some light weight panels to use for a pen and they are wonderful. 6’ long and only weight 9 pounds each. Well worth the investment. I am going on a week long ride this summer and they will be great for that too. I like the size of your ride better!!

So won't you all join me in congratulating Sue on a successful first 25-miler!!! After all, TO FINISH IS TO WIN!!!!!


Ms Martyr said...

Congratulations to both of you. That is a big accomplishment, Sue. Hope you have a wonderful riding season and enjoy many more events.

Mikey said...

Go Sue!! And you too!! You girls rock!!
btw, Mike and Joyce swear Tomahawk is 34 this year. He does look fabulous, a hint of swayback, but that's the only clue you'd have that he's that old. They are the best owners.