Sunday, March 13, 2011

Old Pueblo, Day 3

What a day... we didn't start until 8:30 again today so we did a little packing up this morning before we left...

Same trail as Friday so once again we were flying - no still pictures but I did get a video {grin} ENJOY!

It wasn't quite as warm after the vet check today but all three horses were still pokey afterward... and Glory for some reason decided that although she didn't want to drink out of the nice clean water troughs the ride manager arranged, she WOULD drink out of the nasty cow tanks...

This little guy was like "WHAT THE HECK ARE THOSE CREATURES?!?"

Jersey and Patch, on the other hand, appreciated the fresh water!

Moseying along that same lovely trail...

A Glory earcam of Jersey's yin-yang butt

Brenda and Patch, on his 3rd day in a row!

Almost done... it's hard to see in the picture, but camp and all the horse trailers are there in the distance, on both sides of the very top of Sabrina's brain bucket...

A triumphant return to base camp for all three of us, and we took care of the horses then packed up the rest of camp and grabbed one last delicious meal from Rocky's Feed Lot... I got a call from another friend, who was on a different trip but also near Tucson, needing rescue from not one, not two, but THREE bad tires... so we headed north and of course Sabrina and Brenda were soon out of sight, my itty bitty truck is slow uphill... however they had to fuel up and I did not, so once I got on the Interstate I passed them at the truck stop. They finally caught back up with me just a couple of miles before Picacho Peak, where I had to pull off and rescue my friend and her horse. I felt bad for her vehicle issues but it was sure nice to have company on the long drive home!

All in all a great weekend :)

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