Friday, March 4, 2011

Better Late Than Never, Happy Birthday Hilary!

We weren't able to get together for her birthday until now, but today we went for a lovely ride out in Morristown, I took her on the trail to the old stone house...

We'd barely gotten started when Destiny spooked at something... can you see what she saw?

Good eye Destiny! A small herd of mule deer...

Hilary and Destiny in the river bottom

This is a lovely ride up a side wash that pours into the Hassayampa

The old stone house.
Checking out how the house was made.

We got another look at the deer on the way back.

Then we met up with Andria for dinner!!! It was a quick trip, she is just here for the weekend for a wedding, so this was our only chance to get together.

Unfortunately Lindsey had to work so it wasn't ALL the girls, but she will have a quick chance to see Andria on Sunday before she goes home.

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Mikey said...

I know where you were!! lol
Happy Birthday Hilary!!!
btw, over on my blog there's a pic of me trimming Tomahawk, in case you wanted to see him. He's doing great, I think he's 34 this year? Amazing...