Friday, March 18, 2011

Katie's 2nd Barefoot Trim

I am still learning a lot so it's harder for me to tell, but both Rusty and Sabrina were amazed at how much progress Katie's hooves have made in just two trims... (although I must admit to shock when Rusty told me this journey could easily take A YEAR!)

Just a few shots of interest, mostly the left rear which if you will remember is the injured hoof.
The left rear from underneath, before the 2nd trim:

After the trim, Rusty pointing out where the hoof wall is compensating for the injury site:

Side view of left rear after trimming, you can see the missing chunk real well in this shot:

Front left from below, before...

and after!

And since this is the hoof we used the first time, a shot of the front right showing where the heel should be. Unfortunately using the rasp, it hides some of what we want to see, I'll make sure Rusty uses his finger next time like he did the first time...

Front feet all done, aren't they pretty...

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