Monday, March 21, 2011


Woke up this morning to feed and felt AWFUL... seriously nauseous! Still not sure how I got everyone fed... Called off work sick and went back to bed... UNTIL 10:30!!! A little computer time to see if my stomach would settle upright... Randy fixed me some scrambled eggs and they stayed down... read my book for a while, then went back to bed... UNTIL 4:30!!!!! Really odd for me, I am not one to get sick and not one to lay around in bed... AND, it surprised me that I actually SLEPT all that time!!! Guess I needed it! Anyway when I woke up at 4:30, I felt a LOT better, just weak from not eating much all day... It had rained off and on all day, and since the rain had stopped, I got myself on the tractor and got the pasture done, it needed it so bad... got everyone fed and that was it for me, relaxed on the computer until Randy got home with my favorite rainy day dinner, grilled cheese and tomato soup! Just as I walked out to let the horses out for the night, it started to sprinkle, and just kept getting heavier and heavier...hoping it rains good again so the pasture soaks it up!

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