Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keeping Busy...

Finally, finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel... well, ok, that's a bit dramatic, but there have been rumors of moving our office for almost a year now... the latest lease extension is up May 31 and the story is we are NOT extending again... WOOT!

I say WOOT! because the plan is to move west on Bell Road at least 4 miles, if you know the area, they want to be west of Grand, which means a shorter commute for me AND will get me basically OFF Bell Road which is a b*tch - er, a BEAR! It is 24 miles from my driveway to my parking space at the current office, which takes somewhere between 30-40 minutes, and ALMOST HALF OF THAT TIME is the 4 miles on Bell Road!!!

However this means I have GOT to get the old files out of here BEFORE we move... this is the file room:

Each of those shelving units is 3 feet wide and 9 shelves tall, and there are actually FOUR of them FULL of files to be boxed for storage. And they can't simply be boxed, they have to be boxed BY YEAR OF DESTRUCTION and on top of that, there is an alphabetical list by client name which needs to include the box number for each file...

The good news is, this is STEP TWO of the file room project. I started out with 2 full shelving units plus 4 shelves, so a total of 22 3-foot shelves, that I had to go through file by file and determine their disposition... some required phone calls or letters but quite a few I could either move to the closed shelves or destroy... anyway after several months of working on this in my "spare" time (between current drafting projects) I am down to 2 shelves of files on which I am awaiting answers to letters or phone messages... My plan is, once I get the other 4 shelving units boxed up, any of those files that have not gotten a response, will just be added to those to be boxed.

The bad news is, there are boxes in storage with destroy dates through 2022 {YIKES}

Well I guess I could call it "job security" lol...

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